What does it take to keep the Columbia County Orchestra going?

  • It takes dedicated musicians coming skillfully prepared to rehearsals and performances
  • It takes a Music Director and a Board of Directors to keep the day-to-day and administration factors in proper balance in order to operate fiscally sound, as well as have musical programs which showcase talent that stimulate the senses of the audiences to return again and again
  • It takes outreach events in the community to raise the awareness of our organization’s purpose: to promote the musical arts and foster music appreciation, while also providing an outlet for musicians to express their talents in and around the CSRA
  • It takes volunteers who work tirelessly behind the scenes to support the work of the CCO
  • It takes contributors who give of their own free will to offerings at our concerts, as well as give financial gifts throughout the season to support our overall work

If you would like to join in any of our endeavors, please call us at 706-755-5849, and let us know how you would like to serve our community through the CCO.


  • St. Teresa of Avila
  • Columbia County Choral Society
  • Columbia County Arts
  • Buzz on Bizz
  • Columbia County Magazine
  • Columbia County GA
  • East Georgia State College
  • Unplain Jane Social Media and Photography

A special thanks to previous sponsors, which include:

  • Robert Agress
  • Anonymous (names withheld at their request)
  • Augusta Amusements / Mike Deas (partner)
  • Augusta Music Box
  • Clarence & JoAnn Nordan
  • Drs. Art & Sharon Beall
  • Buzz on Biz / Neil Gordon (media sponsor)
  • John & Jean Chase
  • Columbia County Arts, Inc.
  • Rob Nordan
  • Shelley Davis Patterson
  • Columbia County Board of Commissioners
  • Columbia County Leisure Services Division
  • Columbia County Magazine (media sponsor)
  • CCO members who are financial contributors
  • CCYO summer members and parents
  • East Georgia State College
  • Charles Lawrence
  • David Modesitt
  • Bill Sasser

Invest with us

Most of our CCO programs are offered for a suggested donation of $10 per program. Our CCYO programs are FREE and open to the public. However, our association depends on generous contributions to fund the worthy work that we have before us. In a day and age when more of the arts are being defunded, it is more timely than ever that non-profit organizations herald and support the work of the arts and culture in our community. We cannot do this without the help from generous contributors.