October 21, 2023 Program Notes

This concert is entitled “Beethoven III”. It is the third concert of the Columbia County Orchestra Beethoven series, which began in the Fall of 2022. This series will continue through 2026.

Today’s concert features five concert selections. The first half of today’s program includes two Beethoven compositions. The second half of the concert includes pieces written from 1798 to the early 21st century.

Selection 1 – Beethoven Romanze in F Major for Violin and Orchestra.

This Beethoven composition is designated Opus 50. It was composed in 1798, though not published until later. Today’s performance features Nao Kamitani. Nao plays in our current Columbia County Orchestra. He has also played in the Columbia County Youth Orchestra, in the past, and has played in several other youth orchestras in the CSRA.

Selection 2 – Beethoven Symphony No. 2 in D Major.

This work, made up of four movements, was composed in 1803. It is designated as Opus 36. 


Selection 3 – Marius Herea’s Symphony No. 2, subtitled “The Celestial Poem”.

This piece is a one movement symphony, begins the second half of our program. Today’s performance is the world premiere of the full orchestral version of this work. It was originally composed for string sextet. The composer set the version that you are hearing today, for full orchestra.

Herea originally hails from Romani. He now lives in Canada. The orchestra performed his “Eroica Overture” on the September 9, 2023 concert.

Selection 4 – Romanian Rhapsody No. 2 in D Major by Georges Enescu.

This composition was written in 1901, by another Romanian native son, Georges Enescu. Although this rhapsody is not performed as much as his Rhapsody No. 1, it displays a variety of Romanian ethnic influences throughout the music. Influences heard in this piece include Roma (gypsy) and traditional Romanian modal passages.

Selection 5 – Finlandia by Jean Sibelius.

This orchestral tone poem was composed in 1899, as an expression of protest against censorship, from the neighboring Russian empire. Though Finland and Russia were close geographically, they were philosophically distanced by Finland’s desire to be a free and sovereign nation. Sibelius, a Finnish native son, was ever mindful of the oppression his country received from the hands of the Russian monarchy.

Columbia County Orchestra (CCO) concerts are offered FREE to the public. Donations are accepted and can be deposited upon exiting the auditorium today. Grateful thanks is extended to Pastor Dr. Nick Bates and the membership of Powell Baptist Church, for allowing us to hold our concert here today.

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Thank you for coming today.