Join the Columbia County Orchestra

With over 50 musicians, Columbia County Orchestra Association (CCOA) is a collaborative effort between the professional and volunteer musicians. The CCOA offers an educational orchestra for both students and members of the community. The orchestra program is currently in its seventh season and continues to strengthen as an ensemble and as individual musicians. One of the most important reasons for this strength is the diversity of the members of the program.

The philosophy of the Orchestra is to reach out into the community and bring together musicians from a variety of backgrounds and ability levels. The more advanced players are able to assist and mentor those who are in the beginning of their careers in music. The result is a positive collaborative learning environment that benefits everyone.

Striving to seek diversity, the Orchestra’s styles of music presented to the public vary in each performance. In addition to enriching the lives of our orchestra members, the program strives to enrich the community by performing concerts of great master pieces from a broad range of genres and style periods. These pieces capture the imagination and communicate a level of meaning that can only be expressed through music.

We have the following vacancies for the upcoming 2014-15 season in the following sections: oboe, bassoon, percussion, all strings. If you are interested in joining please email Rob at

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